Claim Your Campus unites students across America in prayer for their schools on every campus, every day.

Prayer Equals Change

Students across America in high schools and middle schools are seeing the power of prayer take root in their school as they pray for change. Join the movement to unite 1 million students in prayer at every high school & middle school across America.

Support the Movement

CYC is a movement of a generation. It is prayer that is initiated and led by students. If you’re outside the school generation, you can still get involved! We ask that you join students by praying for the campuses around you from work or home. If you want to do more, CYC is always seeking donors to help keep the movement alive and growing. Want to become a sponsor click here.

CYC on the Move

What's happening with CYC? How are students stepping up? What are students, adults, and communities saying about the impact of CYC? Get the latest updates: Prayers, Stories of Change, Current Projects, Events, Resources, Media, and Ideas.